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Our clients operate in the highly competitive contact centre arena and rely upon our tools and technology to improve performance levels and give them a competitive edge. We also help them to ensure customer engagement is optimised and they not only achieve compliance but are able to demonstrate this to the regulatory authorities.

DDI Software boasts an enviable track record spanning over 10 years of delivering best practice and tangible business benefit to our clients primarily involved in customer servicing sectors, including the management of credit control, debt collection and recovery. Our solutions have been successfully implemented across a range of industries in the UK and Overseas including:

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Banking and Financial Services

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Business Process Outsourcing

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Utilities (Electricity, Gas and Water)

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High Cost Short Term Lending

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Claims Management

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Automotive Finance

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Logistics Management

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Debt Management, Collections and Recoveries

Our clients report impressive levels of improvement in productivity and revenues collected as well as reduced costs, whilst at the same time providing their customers an entirely positive journey through adhering to the principles of Treating Customers Fairly.

Never at the expense of Quality or the loss of Control!

At all times our clients retain complete Oversight over all operations thanks to a wealth of up to the minute management information, available at a click on their desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone - real-time, all the time.

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CRM for Contact Centres

Ascent is an account management tool that helps to streamline business processes, provide end to end automation, and support the entire operational needs of our contact-centre clients. Inherently flexible and highly configurable, Ascent also facilitates best practice in today’s modern and highly regulated world of debt recovery including regulated and non-regulated consumer and commercial debt collection services.

Irrespective of industry sector, there can be no doubt that the Customer is King and our clients rely upon Ascent to provide them Oversight of all operations, which helps them deliver optimised Customer Engagement and ensure Compliance, not to mention Improved Productivity.

A functionally rich and comprehensive CRM Workflow tool, Ascent provides a wealth of user-friendly features, such as:

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    User Definable Strategies
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    End to End Account Management
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    Fully Integrated Payment Solutions
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    Panel Management Facility
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    Field Agent Management
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    Real-time Business Intelligence available on screen, on tablet or on smart-phone
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Telephony Platform

logoboxc is a complete telephony and dialler solution that was designed and developed in close partnership and collaboration with our existing clients. Although perfectly capable of being integrated with other CRM systems, it can also operate as a stand-alone PBX system offering full dialler capability, real-time statistics and MI dashboards, and live agent monitoring. It also supports 100% call recording, which is fully OFCOM compliant, and instant playback is available via its built-in media player.

logoboxc is fully PCI-DSS compliant and easily manages inbound and outbound call-handling providing features such as 'Listen In', 'Whisper' and 'Take Control'. It is capable of providing a blended call facility, offers an outbound message blast campaign facility, and a skills-based call routing. Ease of use via a vibrant web-based front-end, it offers full visibility over productivity levels on a real-time basis, and we do mean REAL TIME!

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Client Portal

Our client portal logoboxi was created as a direct result of an FCA Thematic Review of the Insurance Industry, which highlighted concerns in relation to the loss of Oversight of the customer journey during outsourced activity. Insight provides you and, where applicable, enables you to provide your clients with real-time access and visibility to all relevant information.

Insignputs you in control and facilitates the evidence base necessary  to demonstrate full oversight of all activity on each and every customer account:

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    Real-time visibility of all customers’ experiences - online, anytime, anywhere
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    Transparency of ALL customer contact activity including:
    • Customer Queries
    • Call Recordings
    • Complaint Handling

Ease of Integration

DDI’s products can operate on a stand-alone basis and, where applicable, enable our clients to leverage existing investment and integrate with legacy systems.

Alternatively, our flagship products integrate seamlessly to provide a very powerful enterprise-wide solution that provides the flexibility to automate all activities within a contact centre environment whilst delivering unprecedented Management Information and Oversight.

Keeping our clients in control of their business:

Our solutions are hosted in the Cloud, offering our clients access to their systems and their data that is fast, reliable and secure. Our solutions evolve and continuously improve to ensure our clients stay ahead of their competitors and remain compliant at all times with all relevant regulatory authorities.

Our ongoing enhancement programme is delivered free of charge as part of our low cost of ownership SAAS model, which allows regular updates to be delivered in a highly cost-effective and timely manner.

Our clients

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“We love the flexibility and self-service nature of our system….and when we do call on DDI Software for support or advice their service is always prompt, knowledgeable and friendly.”

Nigel Bryant, Director, SLL Capital Financial Solutions

“Within two weeks of launch we had improved our adherence from 53% to 81.9%, this is now at over 90% with our target of 95% a realisable goal due to the incredible MI available. DDI are great to deal with and continue to deliver time after time.”

Margo Kidd, Head of Operations, Opos Limited
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