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Business Intelligence Dashboard Software

Intuitive and highly-developed software is used across the world in companies for a variety of sectors. If you could see under the hood of any company, software reigns free to help improve productivity and improve sales.

Our Business Intelligence Dashboard software is in this group, and helps your business to be agile to changes, react to compliance alterations and manage risks. These three components will vary whether you’re from sectors like: insurance, legal, telecoms, debt management, logistics or banking.

All these sectors can be improved by our software at DDI Software which aims to streamline the processes that your staff use, retain the most useful information and make it more readily accessible when needed. With the implementation of our Business Intelligence Dashboard software, you’ll see the immediate difference.

Our Ascent CRM for contact centres is an important tool for many companies who are looking to improve their business processes. This comes in the form of interchangeable and flexible features that mould around your current business format. You’ll begin to see the upgrade in both organisation and your reaction to change when you install our software and use it to the best of its ability.

Find out more about our Business Intelligence Dashboard software at DDI Software by getting in contact with us today.

Our clients

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“We love the flexibility and self-service nature of our system….and when we do call on DDI Software for support or advice their service is always prompt, knowledgeable and friendly.”

Nigel Bryant, Director, SLL Capital Financial Solutions

“Without the right systems in place you are effectively trying to manage in the dark. DDI’s
systems Ascent, callCent and Insight help to illuminate our business, providing clarity and visibility that enables us to quickly reach meaningful and informed decisions. It’s the perfect solution for us and one that I am sure other progressive organisations will want to explore.”

Margo Kidd, Head of Operations, Opos Limited

"The Ascent Collection system gives Hellix the automation required to manage large volumes of accounts in an easy to use and compliant process. It’s simple to operate, keeps agent interaction to a minimum, and DDI’s continuous product improvement programme ensures that they will continue to be a formidable force for many years to come."

Mike McEvoy, Managing Director, Hellix Limited

"Ascent has proven to be a hugely reliable, dynamic and exciting collection system encompassing a wealth of functionality and speed of data access. Coupled with an impressive reporting module, it helps us deliver time and time again."

Mark Fishman, Managing Director, Gordon and Noble

"We are a long-term client of DDI Software and are delighted that their systems have seamlessly integrated into our business processes and exponentially increased our productivity. The comprehensive web front end, which enables our clients to access their data real time has provided us a unique selling point and helped us to win business on several occasions."

John Sawers, Director, Life Credit Management Limited
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